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Seminar Facilitators
Whether through a conference breakout session or an extensive 14-week marriage study, Living Hope Counseling Center offers seminars for various needs.

Foundations for a Biblical Marriage
Our “We Two Are One” study includes the following topics:

Week 1 Foundation for a Biblical Marriage
Week 2 God’s Purpose for Marriage
Week 3 Role of the Husband Pt. 1
Week 4 Role of the Husband Pt. 2
Week 5 Role of the Wife
Week 6 Communication in Marriage Pt. 1
Week 7 Communication in Marriage Pt. 2
Week 8 Conflict Resolution Pt. 1
Week 9 Conflict Resolution Pt. 2
Week 10 God’s Plan for Parenting
Week 11 Finances in Marriage
Week 12 God’s Plan for Sex in Marriage
Week 13 Affair-Proofing Your Marriage
Week 14 Commitment

These topics are adaptable for Weekend Marriage Retreats or for individual sessions.

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